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August 29, 2005

Anti-war Groundswell And Sheehan's Handlers

So...does Cindy Sheehan speak for millions of Americans? Is she the catalyst for a massive uprising of protest that will force the evil neocon cabal to withdraw "support our troops by withdrawing" them?

Rick Moran at Right Wing Nut House takes a look at some of the evidence and says that there are about 200 people camping with Sheehan, and another fairly steady 1500 in outlying camps.

The other night, folk singer and legendary anti-war activist Joan Baez drew around 200 people to a free concert near the camp site. Also, this blogger took the trouble to add up names from three Guest Books which had been placed around Camp Casey and discovered 750 signatures – not from one day but from more than 2 weeks of protests.
It’s like this “mass movement” exists only on a Hollywood sound stage. When the cameras are turned off, it disappears like smoke from a fog machine wafting up into the rafters.

Rick says it time for the Left to put up or shut up: present some hard numbers on the anti-war movement. And he correctly notes that poll questions that ask about "Bush's handling of the war" are essentially bogus:

Hell, any conservative blogger worth their salt is criticizing the President’s handling of some aspect of the Iraq War. It’s a silly question that doesn’t mean anything. The question that really matters is how many Americans want to cut and run from Iraq – the position being advocated by Cindy Sheehan and the leftist lickspittles who are shamelessly using her grief to advance their radical agenda.

Emphasis mine. That is indeed the real question, and I'll bet the numbers are just a little different for answers to that one.

I was thinking about Sheehan this morning in the car as Laura Ingraham mercilessly skewered her appearance on Bill Maher's show. I tried to imagine trading places with her; tried to imagine my state of mind if my only child was killed fighting for our country in a foreign land. I realized that I'm not angry at Cindy Sheehan personal actions--I would almost certainly be more unhinged than she is; I expect I would be catatonic with grief.

But what makes me angry almost beyond words is the cynical and truely heartless way in which the anti-war Left is using her for advancing their own agenda. We've seen example after example of the hypocrisy of these caring "progressives"--and this example takes the cake.

If I had the money, I go to Iraq and bring some real witnesses over to Crawford to talk to Cindy--real Iraqis who suffered real torture and death under Saddam. That'd take care of the professional anarchists, I bet.

Posted on August 29, 2005 11:15 AM

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If you really believe what you are saying don't go over to Iraq to get other people to argue your case, go to the recruiting station and tell them you want to join so you can go to Iraq to participate and demonstrate your support for this cause you so strongly support (at least in words). I am a soldier and what we really need is more soldiers, not a bucnch of people talking about how they support the war. In this business talk is cheap so put your money where you mouth is my patriotic partner.

Posted by: Sarge at August 29, 2005 12:59 PM

Well...I'm closing in on 50, so I doubt they'd want me.

I appreciate your service, but I don't think your logic is clicking. Are you saying that the only way to have a legitimate opinion about the war is to enlist and get shipped over? By that standard there'd be a lot more anti-war folks with invalid opinions than pro-war people.

It's obviou