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September 20, 2005

A Return To Arabism In The State Department?

Diana West has thrown a wrench in the works of my nascent support of Condi Rice for president (hat tip: Powerline). Noting the recent snubbing of Israel's offer to provide aid for hurricane Katrina, West wonders whether Rice and the department she heads are returning to the "Arabist" views of George H.W. Bush, Brent Scowcroft, and James Baker. Much more alarmingly, West highlights this staggering fact:

Since the Oslo "peace process" began in 1993, Palestinians have received more than $1.5 billion from the United States — more aid, as the San Francisco Chronicle pointed out, than from any other single country. Not that other countries, mainly European ones, haven't been generous. The Atlantic Monthly's David Samuel tallied up post-Oslo PA aid at $7 billion, estimating that as much as half of that money was siphoned off by Yasser Arafat and cronies. Still the bucks flow.

When Rice was nominated for Secretary of State, there was lots of speculation about whether she'd be able to reign in the monolithic careerist dinosaurs that ballast the State Department. I've been disturbed before by her pronouncements vis-a-vis the Palestinian/Israeli conflict, and unfortunately it looks like West has indicated that Rice won't be the one to reform State.

Where have you gone, Paul Wolfowitz?

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