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October 25, 2005

MSM vs Iraqi Constitution: Stuck On Stupid, Stuck On Blind

The mainstream media handles good news from Iraq in the same manner your telephone caller ID works: you get a brief couple of lines, then after a few days it disappears from the bottom of the list, pushed off by the news of the latest truck bomb.

The Iraqi Constitution has officially been declared approved, by a free and fair vote of the Iraqi people. Captain Ed has a good post up:

More Iraqis voted in this second election since the fall of Saddam than did so in the first, and thanks to the controversial nature of the election, the electorate was more diverse -- and yet almost 80% of Iraqis approved the final version of their new constitution. In the end, only three provinces rejected it, with only two of them reaching the required two-thirds vote for official repudiation.

Emphasis mine. Only one of the four predominately Sunni provinces voted "no", but as late as yesterday Reuters was reporting that the outcome was in doubt:

Two Sunni provinces have returned resounding "No" votes on the charter, and its fate could rest with voters in a volatile region in the north. [...]
Nineveh, with Iraq's third largest city Mosul as its capital, is seen as a swing province that could determine the fate of the charter, which has deepened sectarian divisions. [...]
Although violence eased considerable [sic] during the October 15 referendum and the opening of the trial of Saddam four days later, the results of the poll threaten to boost sectarian tensions that have raised fears of civil war. [...]

Well, that bad analysis is old news now, innit? Don't hold your breath waiting for the correction.

And they're nothing if not consistent: Consider their use of the old standby: "Although [substitute good news here], disaster is really quite imminent." These people are stuck on blind as well as stuck on stupid.

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