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January 04, 2006

Quick Picks

Link roundups are a staple of most bloggers. I've resisted doing them because I figured that posting links from a tiny blog like mine is just silly. But I've finally decided that they might be an additional way to convey what I think is important--plus it will give some useful output from all the surfing I do. ;-)

So here's my first selection of Quick Picks. I'll probably do this a couple times a week.

Tom Bevan at RealClearPolitics correlates John Murtha's opinion of our present-day military with the opinions of those who are currently on active duty. Can you say "discrepancy"?

Bill Roggio asks why the Washington Post can't correct some simple facts.

A US Army sniper in Ramadi recently killed a jihadist in Ramadi with a shot that may be a record for distance. But Jay Tea at Wizbang says that may not be the most important part of the story.

Michelle Malkin has a cool story about a teenager who rebelled--against MSM groupthink.

Austin Bay analyzes the Iran situation and concludes regime change is the only sure answer.

Posted on January 4, 2006 10:15 AM

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